Homeschooling is Possible

This is the time of year I begin to get  questions about how to homeschool and can a parent really teach their children. As parents anticipate enrolling their child for the next year in school, one of the many questions, is whether it really is possible to Homeschool a child effectively. My answer is that not only can a parent teach their own child but that they are probably the best teacher for their children because they are the ones who have the knowledge of their child’s personality and the chance to teach to the child’s strengths. It is not about the best equipment or the latest books, it is about the willingness to allow the child to learn at their pace and keep the enthusiasm with which a toddler embraces the world. It is not just the knowledge that is imparted, there are books and online tools available to assist with the actual teaching, but it is about the sharing life with your children and teaching them how to learn.
Learning is so natural for a chilld, but each child according to their own personality, learning style, and ability can learn what God has planned for them best within the home.

How do they learn

Knowing the learning style of a child can help you whether you are a parent, grandparent, or teacher. Each child comes into this world preprogrammed to learn from a different point of view.

A child content to lay on a blanket or sit still is many times a Visual Learner, taking in their world through their eyes. They are sometimes ignored because they can so easily entertain themselves.

A child who wants to be talked to or listens to whatever music or noise is in the room is  usually an Auditory Learner, using their ears to hear what we have to tell them.

A child who wants to constantly be on the move whether by you bouncing or their own movements is usually a Kinesthetic Learner , picking up learning through their movements and finding out about the world.

So much more is involved, and it is an exciting and fascinating study.


What would we do without grandchildren? I have the privilege of being able to keep my grandchildren and each time I am amazed at what they say and what they do. My 4 year old is always thinking of a way to convince me that his way has to be the best whether it is time to take a bath or play basketball. He is sure that his way is right. The problem is that being the logical child he is, he is many times correct and his way is right. Oh well.. maybe Mimi needs to learn too.  My precious 2 year old granddaughter is a joy to watch. She bounces through life (literally) and doesn’t know the meaning of the word walk. When corrected or hurt she spends about 5 seconds crying or pouting then her world is ok again. Except when she wants milk– then her world only has one focus–who in her life can find her milk fastest. Have I outgrown the need to have what I want when I want it?

A New Year in the making

A new year , a new beginning, a new outlook on life. All this and the wisdom of previous years to appreciate and take advantage of starting fresh. One of my more cynical friends, says there is nothing special about a New Year. That we are just continuing living our same lives with a new date. That may be so but as life is what we make it there is an excitement about taking the time to clean out our clutter and feeling free to start anew. This can be financial, spiritual, or literal clutter and each one when sorted through leaves us a little more likely to feel better about ourselves and others.

Take time to clear out one area of your  life and see the New Year from a new perspective.

Grief- Presley Kate Schisler

Yesterday my stillborn granddaughter would have been 1 week old. Others think we should be strong and be able to “get over” our grief when a baby is born before it is full term but when a Mother’s or Mimi’s heart has bonded with that baby it hurts as if any of the other children died. While I have always opposed to abortion on principle, believing that life begins at conception, I have now seen a tiny baby after only 20 weeks of pregnancy and am convinced that we as women are not speaking out enough over the abortions being perpetrated against our tiniest children.

Tomorrow is Presley Kate’s funeral. Her Mommy & Daddy are doing better than can be expected but still they ache over the death of their baby. I continue to believe that God’s ways are better than man’s ways but it doesn’t keep us from grieving over not having our baby to hold and love.

Presley Kate Schisler

Now, I know that blogs are supposed to have catchy titles but this post is special. Last week my third grandchild was born. She was only with us for 4 months in her mother’s womb but we love her very much and willingly accept the fact that she never breathed a breath on this earth just to have had a chance to love and cherish her.When her parents went to find out the gender of our baby last week they also found out that our baby had no heartbeat.

The shock of finding this out made my heart just hurt. Last week I spent hours holding in my feelings many times just so I could be there for my daughter, her husband and their other 2 young children who are so loved by us . I know our God is good and we are looking forward to seeing Presley Kate in Heaven. God has also given us such precious friends to love and support us during this time. I am grateful for each and every one. Already, Presley Kate has impacted people with her very short time with us and I believe we will continue to see our lives better for her.

On Wednesday, November 30, 2011, Presley Kate was born. She had no heartbeat, she weighed only 4 oz and was only 8 inches but her presence in our lives is big.

My heart is still heavy but my spirit is at peace because God blessed us for just a little with our precious Presley Kate.

Food Storage

At lunch the other day a couple of friends and I started talking about whether or not they should start storing food. Their concern made me realize that the idea of food storage is “catching on” because of the economy and some of the extreme weather we have had lately. Food Storage should be part of your life because you don’t know if you are going to have time to go shopping or how many are going to be at supper. I’m not talking about the weekly shopping trip but the economy of shopping when there is a sale or when you have time. I have been preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for several weeks and only have a few items left to buy. Here are 5 tips to get started on your own food storage at home.

* If you don’t have a pantry decide where you are going to put your food. Metal shelves in the garage work or just a closet close to your kitchen.

*Make a list of everything you already have. Include the cans of soup as well as the meat in the freezer.

*Look at this week’s grocery ad and see if there are really good savings on any item that your family eats regularly and has a long shelf life. Buy several of that item.

*Don’t overbuy or try to stock up all at once. This is a project which can be accomplished over time and in small steps.

*Don’t spend money you don’t have. Buy a little extra every week and you will be amazed how quickly your food storage becomes a reality.


Mother’s Day 2011

Mother’s Day  is one of my favorite “special days”. The weather has finally turned to warm days and warm nights. The days are getting longer. Most of all, children of all ages say thank you for all their mothers do.

Lately, I have begun celebrating for multiple days. On my Birthday recently, I had 3 birthday meals on 3 different days. On Mother’s Day I had 2 separate days of celebration. Sunday I went to lunch with some of my grown children and then Monday everybody had supper together at my house. I loved both days.  Every time I have a chance to be with my children I feel blessed.

As usual, the conversations range from discussions on just about anything to getting my 3 year old grandson to let the adults have a chance to talk, to listening to my 15 month old granddaughter say “again” or “down” and back to the economy or whatever an adult is interested in at that moment. Needless to say sometimes it is a little chaotic, but it is absolutely wonderful

I can’t wait until the next time we get together. Fortunately, in my life it happens frequently and I don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day.

A New Year

While January 1st signifies a new year to most people, the anticipation of Fall with cool mornings, Saturday college football gemes and the shorter days makes me think of starting over. Maybe it’s because I start spending less time outside or maybe the knowledge that it is only 3 months until Thanksgiving that makes me begin to plan on cleaning my pantry and stocking up for winter weather. Wheat is one of my stock up items. Therefore, this week I asked my husband to buy wheat for me. Not flour- wheat. Yes, I do grind my wheat (electric mill of course) make my bread and the ever favorite cinnamon rolls which my family seems to enjoy. Yesterday, after promising my grandson cinnamon rolls I drove to his house in the rain to deliver the cinnamon rolls because first of all I had promised to bring them to him but when I called to tell his mom I wasn’t getting out in the rain and she explained that when the rain started my grandson started crying because “Mimi wasn’t going to bring his cinnamon rolls in the rain”. Who could resist that? I drove through the half flooded streets to deliver cinnamon rolls at 8:30 at night. My project for the weekend is to rearrange my pantry. I’ll let you know how that goes.