My name is Mimi. Until 6 years ago I was known as Tricia or Mom but I am quickly becoming Mimi to not just my grandkids but my own kids and even my husband are all beginning to refer to me that way. Ok- I love it.

I have 5 adult children (2 by marriage – theirs not mine) and 4 grandchildren. My husband of almost 42 years and I love to see any and all of our “kids” whenever they are available and since they all live in the area, we are blessed to see them often.

My passion is to share what I know about homeschooling, learning styles, recipes and life with others, giving them the tools they can use to enjoy their families without the stress of comparing themselves to someone else.

I homeschooled my 3 children from Kindergarten through High School with each of them continuing on to graduate from the University of Arkansas and one went on to become a Lawyer. For 18 years Home Schooling was my main job and during that time I watched home schooling become organized and available to anyone who has the desire to commit to it.

With a degree in Psychology and graduate hours in Accounting my background covers many areas of interest.

Come with me as I share what I have learned and lived.



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