How a Baby Learns – Visually

When a precious baby is born we are so excited but it seems like within a few weeks, parents, grandparents, and friends start to ask: Have they rolled over yet?, Do they smile yet?, and then the questions get  difficult. Relax! A baby is a baby so let them just sleep and eat and enjoy holding them. Every baby comes with their own set of standards and many of those standards are based on the baby’s learning style. In other articles, I have talked about the Auditory and the Kinesthetic babies so this article is for the parents of the Visual Learner.

A Visual Learner is the baby  many of the “Baby Books” are written about that make parents of other learning styles wonder what they are doing wrong. Because a Visual Baby is happy to be looking around, they are the ones who are content looking at a mobile in their bed or just about any other object and are able to “self soothe” early just because it is easy to find something to look at. A Visual Baby will many times be content to sit in your lap or lay on the floor and just quietly go to sleep. Their favorite object to look at will be your face.

A Visual Baby is the one who very easily learns to stay on the mat or rug or where ever you put them as long as there is something interesting to look at. When they are older they will  find toys sufficient and not intent on changing their location as frequently as others.

One of the other benefits of a visual learner is that schools are geared to the visual learner and for the most part do well in school.

Now, to the downside. Remember the questions from the first paragraph? Visual Babies don’t typically roll over, sit up, crawl, or walk as early as Kinesthetic Babies. The Visual Baby doesn’t always  talk (jabber) as early as an Auditory Baby. They are learning and sometimes more quickly than their counterparts, it just doesn’t seem like it because their milestones aren’t as obvious as some other’s milestones. They will catch up but sometimes it is quietly with little fanfare. All of a sudden you are saying “When did you learn to do that?”

One of the other things parents need to remember is to teach their child to obey the parent’s voice. It sounds obvious, however a visual learner can be so easy to live with because they are content when they have something to look at that we sometimes forget to teach them to come when we call or to follow our directions.

Visual babies will reach every milestone others reach – some earlier and some later so sit back and relax and enjoy that baby.

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