When my Auditory Baby is Crying- What do I do?

Many parents feel their  Auditory babies are difficult because they are noisy and cry loudly and often. . There are two very basic things you need to remember about the Auditory baby.

First, an auditory baby comes here loving sound whether it is their own crying or their own voice.

Second, noise of any kind can grab the attention of an auditory baby.

When you have an auditory baby please do not automatically assume that if they are crying, they are hurting. My auditory grandchild would as a baby scream and scream for about 2-3 minutes and then all of a sudden go to sleep while all the time while we were holding her. She was self soothing in the only way she could by making noise.  All babies cry, sometimes just to make noise because it is the beginning of speech . Auditory babies many times cry  often and loudly and parents begin to believe that something is wrong with their baby. Maybe a stomach ache or gas or some other problem. If a baby also spits up then a parent begins to wonder if their child has something serious wrong. By all means check with a pediatrician if you suspect a problem, but also try these ideas.

1. Place a white noise machine in their room at night. This will allow the baby to sleep without making their own noise.

2. Clap or snap to get the baby’s attention. Turn on some music or sing.

3. Above all don’t panic! If your baby or child cries very loudly and you have checked to make sure they are ok, just hold them and let them cry.  Your holding them will reassure them that they are ok and that even if they cannot control the crying you still love them.



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