Learning Styles for Babies Too

In April I will gratefully welcome another grandson. What a privilege!It is always exciting to anticipate what a new baby will look like and who the baby will be like. Every baby I have ever known looks like themselves and acts like themselves. Oh, they will have this characteristic or that mannerism of someone in the family but on the whole, we finally come to terms with the fact that the baby was created to be just themselves.

Each baby will also have their own learning style. Yes, even babies have a learning style and if we are attentive to that learning style we can gain clues on how to help that child learn to live in this world with a minimum of fussiness.

For instance, if you have an auditory baby try placing a noise machine in the room with them. This child may not want a lot of rocking just gentle holding. If you have a kinesthetic baby, bounce them and swaddle them to keep them from becoming overwhelmed with life. If you have a visual baby, provide soft lights or no lights when they are fussy while keeping movement to a minimum.

Babies have so many adjustments to make that taking the time to discern their learning style can make that adjustment just a little easier.


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