What’s in your Pantry?

Food Storage is becoming a very popular topic. Between several natural disasters which have shown the necessity of being able to take care of yourself for a few days while electricity and transportation are being restored after a tornado or snowstorm to the economy showing us that we need to have a stocked pantry allowing us some time to regroup after a job loss, many people are beginning to see the wisdom of having food available without going to the store every day after work.

Along with this comes a need to know how to store the food we buy and how to cook from the food we have stored. I am going to start with the basics of what to store and several ways to store the foods which make up the well stocked pantry and some recipes using the foods which have been stored.

The first item we need to store is water. While not necessarily a food, our water supply can be contaminated or cut off when a tornado hits or when an ice storm devastates an area. As far as I have been able to determine, there is not a good way for long term storage of water so we must be more diligent about either having a plan for rotating your water supply or cleaning the water you have available. Since I buy bottled water as a convenience to encourage my active family to take water with them and drink as much as they can, I keep several cases of water in the garage and use the first in first out method of storage, always making sure that the earliest case I bought is the case of water that goes in the refrigerator. As a backup-plan I have purchased a Berkefeld Water Purfier to use to decontaminate whatever water is available whether from a broken water main or the snow on the ground.

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