Learning Styles Work at Nap Time too!

Sometimes I believe the Sunday afternoon nap was invented by a Mimi. While most adults love to take Sunday afternoon as a rest time, Mimi can use the time as a bonding time. We know the grandkids are going home that night so letting the Sunday lunch dishes wait until Monday morning while we rest with the kids is not a difficult decision

Recently, my grandson asked if I would nap with he and his sister on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Of course! After getting the nap routine underway, I realized that without planning it, every one’s learning style had been accommodated

My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter lay and talked to me and her brother while my 4 1/2 year old grandson was telling me about his morning at church while turning in circles much like a puppy trying to find a comfortable spot. My auditory granddaughter went to sleep quickly while still talking. My kinesthetic grandson wiggled and wiggled while talking then after about 15 minutes fell asleep in mid-wiggle. I am very visual and after they went to sleep, lay a few minutes reading until I too drifted to sleep.

If you have trouble getting your children to sleep, remember that just like adults, sleep doesn’t happen automatically. Utilize their learning style to help them transition from busy and awake to sleep. For the auditory child after a short time of talking, maybe a little calm music will give them a chance to relax. For the Kinesthetic child, give them a stuffed animal to cuddle while reminding them that their heads need to stay on the pillow and their feet need to be still. For the visual child, let them have a bedside lamp and 1 or 2 books to look at before turning off the light.

Also remember that children go at a very fast pace and a set bedtime ritual will help slow their minds and bodies so they can relax before it is actually time for bed.

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