Learning Styles & Summer Fun

Just because it is summer don’t forget to pay attention to your child’s learning style. As you try to find creative ideas for your child’s schedule, remember that your choices need to be built around how they learn. For example, last week while keeping my grandkids I made sure we had some very active time in the mornings for my kinesthetic 4 year old while at the same time mixed in some kind of storytelling or music for my auditory granddaughter. The “kids” were having fun while I made sure they were not just looking for something to do which usually results in one or both getting hurt. One morning after making a Banner we went and bought $2 golf clubs and they played “golf” ‘with their aunt while I made lunch. Another morning after our quiet craft time ( this is when I checked my email etc.) we had singing and marching. By mixing their activities to match the different learning styles, they didn’t realize that their time was being managed.The kids also learned to help last week. The 4 year old learned to fold washrags in half (good enough for me) and dishtowels into fourths and put them away. At the end of the week he started learning to fold swim towels. Since he is the very active kinesthetic he is doing something while feeling good about helping. The 2 year old learned how to put clothes into and out of the dryer but she of course spent the whole time telling me what she was doing and the next 15 minutes telling me what she did and how she did it. For her it was being able to communicate about her life. As an auditory child, she wants to be able to talk about her day and wants you to talk about her day too. I on the other hand am a very visual Mimi and would someday enjoy a very visual grandchild. In between all the activities for everybody else, we will sit and read or watch the clouds go by.

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  1. squirrellymama June 15, 2012 at 7:16 am Reply

    thx for the good reminder to let them express themselves according to their learning style…and not just mine 🙂

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