Learning Styles – Basics

One of my favorite moments is talking to a mother of young children about learning styles. Many times one particular child has been seen as difficult but when the mother understands the learning style of that child, she understands the motivation of the child. This said, this blog is back to basics and getting to know your child.

The most misunderstood learning style is the kinesthetic child. This child is movement personified. As a very young baby, the kinesthetic child wants to be moving. Parents will find themselves bouncing or rocking when a kinesthetic baby is fussy. An older baby will want to be sitting up even before they are old enough to sit by themselves. Once a toddler is on the move it is hard to keep them still even in sleep, this is the child who wiggles and tosses all night. A kinesthetic child will want to empty cabinets and take things apart just for the joy of movement.

The visual child is one of the easiest as a baby because they will be content to just let you hold them. The visual child is usually content to be laid in their bed for naps or laid on the floor and watch you as you get your chores done. As they get older this child will watch the mobile and will be content to sit quietly and play with whatever bright toys they have. This child will love being read to as they look at pictures and a toddler will be easily kept from emptying all your cabinets by distracting them with almost any toy. A visual child is excited by watching things move and loves bright toys.

An auditory child is the one who loves noise. This child wants to be held just to hear your heart beat. A white noise machine may help keep your child asleep at naps and at night for two reasons. First, because the noise lulls the baby to sleep and second, because it covers any excess noise that might wake the baby up. The auditory child will love to be talked to and sung to and will make noise (including crying) any chance they get. When they learn to talk, the auditory child will mimic sounds and repeat anything they hear.The auditory child is a joy because they always have a song in their head and it will come out.

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