Identity Crisis – Mom or Mimi

It finally happened – I am officially Mimi! Yesterday for Mother’s Day one of my children gave me 2 cups filled with tootsie rolls and gift cards and the cups were labeled “Mimi”. ┬áNot Mom-but Mimi. At lunch we talked about how my children don’t know what to call me. The dilemma comes about because with 2 grandchildren around everyone is beginning to call me Mimi. My solution—just use Mimi. It encompasses all I am. I am Mom to only part of my family but Mimi to all of them. When the first grandchild was born it was easy to still be Mom. Now that my second grandchild is talking it just makes sense in my head. On my birthday, one of the envelopes was addressed to “Mom/ ┬áMimi (are you having an identity crisis yet?). My answer to that is no because to be a Mimi, I had to be a MOM first.


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