How to Start Homeschooling & When to Begin

It is January 2012, parents are beginning to anticipate enrolling their children in school for next fall, and I am beginning to receive questions about How to start Homeschooling Next Year. As usual there are the expected questions such as:

  1. Is homeschooling really possible?
  2. How do I socialize my child if I homeschool them?
  3. Where do I start?

Is Homeschooling Possible?

Yes, homeschooling really is possible. I have 3 young adult children who were taught at home and each succeeded in finishing college and one even finished law school.

How To Socialize & Homeschool

Socialization is a theory developed in psychology which assumes that only other children are effective in training children in how to get along. If you will spend some time watching children play, you will soon discover that what most children learn from other children is bad habits and survival of the strongest. True socialization comes from the input of adults in teaching children how to solve problems without fighting and how to control their impulses and wait for their turn. If an adult is not present when there are problems among young children the children usually learn that the biggest bully is the one who gets his/her way. It is only the involvement of an adult in a group of children that will teach civil behavior and socialization. This can be achieved with just adults or within a family setting and then any outside groups your family may feel necessary can be monitored to keep from undoing any training which has taken place at home.

How to Start Homeschooling

Starting homeschooling begins with the decision to homeschool and understanding the benefits of teaching your children at home. Also included, is the understanding of the downsides of homeschooling. The next step is to look at the learning styles of each of your children before choosing a curriculum.

If you’re looking for additional resources make sure you check out “The First Year of Homeschooling” by Linda Dobson

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