Homeschooling is Possible

This is the time of year I begin to get ¬†questions about how to homeschool and can a parent really teach their children. As parents anticipate enrolling their child for the next year in school, one of the many questions, is whether it really is possible to Homeschool a child effectively. My answer is that not only can a parent teach their own child but that they are probably the best teacher for their children because they are the ones who have the knowledge of their child’s personality and the chance to teach to the child’s strengths. It is not about the best equipment or the latest books, it is about the willingness to allow the child to learn at their pace and keep the enthusiasm with which a toddler embraces the world.¬†It is not just the knowledge that is imparted, there are books and online tools available to assist with the actual teaching, but it is about the sharing life with your children and teaching them how to learn.
Learning is so natural for a chilld, but each child according to their own personality, learning style, and ability can learn what God has planned for them best within the home.

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