Presley Kate Schisler

Now, I know that blogs are supposed to have catchy titles but this post is special. Last week my third grandchild was born. She was only with us for 4 months in her mother’s womb but we love her very much and willingly accept the fact that she never breathed a breath on this earth just to have had a chance to love and cherish her.When her parents went to find out the gender of our baby last week they also found out that our baby had no heartbeat.

The shock of finding this out made my heart just hurt. Last week I spent hours holding in my feelings many times just so I could be there for my daughter, her husband and their other 2 young children who are so loved by us . I know our God is good and we are looking forward to seeing Presley Kate in Heaven. God has also given us such precious friends to love and support us during this time. I am grateful for each and every one. Already, Presley Kate has impacted people with her very short time with us and I believe we will continue to see our lives better for her.

On Wednesday, November 30, 2011, Presley Kate was born. She had no heartbeat, she weighed only 4 oz and was only 8 inches but her presence in our lives is big.

My heart is still heavy but my spirit is at peace because God blessed us for just a little with our precious Presley Kate.

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