Mother’s Day 2011

Mother’s Day  is one of my favorite “special days”. The weather has finally turned to warm days and warm nights. The days are getting longer. Most of all, children of all ages say thank you for all their mothers do.

Lately, I have begun celebrating for multiple days. On my Birthday recently, I had 3 birthday meals on 3 different days. On Mother’s Day I had 2 separate days of celebration. Sunday I went to lunch with some of my grown children and then Monday everybody had supper together at my house. I loved both days.  Every time I have a chance to be with my children I feel blessed.

As usual, the conversations range from discussions on just about anything to getting my 3 year old grandson to let the adults have a chance to talk, to listening to my 15 month old granddaughter say “again” or “down” and back to the economy or whatever an adult is interested in at that moment. Needless to say sometimes it is a little chaotic, but it is absolutely wonderful

I can’t wait until the next time we get together. Fortunately, in my life it happens frequently and I don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day.

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