Grief- Presley Kate Schisler

Yesterday my stillborn granddaughter would have been 1 week old. Others think we should be strong and be able to “get over” our grief when a baby is born before it is full term but when a Mother’s or Mimi’s heart has bonded with that baby it hurts as if any of the other children died. While I have always opposed to abortion on principle, believing that life begins at conception, I have now seen a tiny baby after only 20 weeks of pregnancy and am convinced that we as women are not speaking out enough over the abortions being perpetrated against our tiniest children.

Tomorrow is Presley Kate’s funeral. Her Mommy & Daddy are doing better than can be expected but still they ache over the death of their baby. I continue to believe that God’s ways are better than man’s ways but it doesn’t keep us from grieving over not having our baby to hold and love.

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