Food Storage

At lunch the other day a couple of friends and I started talking about whether or not they should start storing food. Their concern made me realize that the idea of food storage is “catching on” because of the economy and some of the extreme weather we have had lately. Food Storage should be part of your life because you don’t know if you are going to have time to go shopping or how many are going to be at supper. I’m not talking about the weekly shopping trip but the economy of shopping when there is a sale or when you have time. I have been preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for several weeks and only have a few items left to buy. Here are 5 tips to get started on your own food storage at home.

* If you don’t have a pantry decide where you are going to put your food. Metal shelves in the garage work or just a closet close to your kitchen.

*Make a list of everything you already have. Include the cans of soup as well as the meat in the freezer.

*Look at this week’s grocery ad and see if there are really good savings on any item that your family eats regularly and has a long shelf life. Buy several of that item.

*Don’t overbuy or try to stock up all at once. This is a project which can be accomplished over time and in small steps.

*Don’t spend money you don’t have. Buy a little extra every week and you will be amazed how quickly your food storage becomes a reality.


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